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Cut Your Holiday Travel Stress

Being home for the holidays is part of the joy of the season. But for many of us, getting there is super-stressful. It’s you -- with gifts, luggage, and kids in tow -- up against flight delays, crowded airports, and wintry roads. Here are 10 tips to help you escape the heartache and headache of holiday travel. We've focused mostly on air travel, but these principles can apply to any way you hit the road.​

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Project Hopewell, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) orgnization and all donations are completely tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your contributions. 

Programs we offer

PHI, Inc is a community-based 501(c)3 non-profit organiztion established in 2002. Through its nutrition, social, educational, recreational, and cultural programs, P.H.I. promotes quality family life and a greater...

With your help, "we will be here until the last person has been re-placed, re-builds or re-models their home", says Senior Pastor Edward Rodgers, Hopewell Baptist Church, Hillman Station. 

  • Children's Feeding Program
  • Seniors Day Program 
  • Enrichment Program 
  • Success Center
  • and so much more...

Christmas Day 2015 Tornado Disaster Contributors 

Happy Holidays!