Company Profile


Serving as a catalyst for positive change, Project Hopewell, Inc. is an advocate for the safety, health, and well-being of the underserved and underprivileged. An internal part of its mission is the unique offering of educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs essential for survival in our constantly changing society. 

Under the leadership of Dr. Rodgers, several enrichment curriculums have been developed targeting parents and guardians who are in pursuit of quality and affordable after-school care for their children as well as during spring and summer breaks. The courageous responsibility fully embraces academic enrichment, arts and crafts, indoor/outdoor sports and recreation, field trips, computer training in a safe and sound environment. 

What We’re Doing

Founded: 2002


Dr. E.E. Rodgers, Sr. 

Executive Director:

​Ava Wise


"..improving the quality of life for individuals and families!"

Project Hopewell is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to individual and family preservation, community development and providing necessary resources to the under-served and under-privileged. Our mission is to provide support, structure, and educational opportunities for individuals in order to make their dreams of reclaiming their lives a self-sufficient reality. 

Project Hopewell's solutions combine uniqueness, creativity, ingenuity, technology, and personality. We are committed to purposeful and effective objectives. We believe that, when our clients succeed, the success belongs to all of us. Our goal is to provide innovative tools that allow for the privilege of living in a healthy environment while forwarding and transforming potential into sustainable life skills. We are constantly learning and evolving as we keep our sight on the future of a new way of life for those in need. We believe in creating solutions that provide for opportunities that will deliver measurable results. 

Our main goal is to positively impact the revitalization of our neighborhoods, in order to make them safe and self-reliant for all, with a focus on families, children, the disabled, the elderly, as well as immigrants. With the support of people, from all walks of life, we are confident that Project Hopewell's efforts will help to reverse the current state of those suffering in need. We believe that improving the community, as well as the environment, go hand in hand. We seek long-term, personal relationships with our supporters, sponsors, and affiliates and thank you in advance for your concern and assistance.